Owning life as a single mom

The majority of women don’t dream about being a single mother, that’s just not what they invision when think about children, family, or motherhood. Everything your children need is dependent on you from emotional support to discipline and everything in between; it’s a monumental responsibility but it is one of the most powerful self affirming positions to find yourself in. I’m very fortunate to have the support of my family (parents) and their help to provide stability for my children and myself while I’m working towards being able to provide that for them myself. It is extremely exhausting and comes with mixed emotions but is rewarding beyond all measure. 

Being a parent is challenging and a heavy commitment, knowing you are responsible for how these little humans grow up, instilling values, building them up, teaching them how to do the things they will need to know how to do to care for themselves one day. My wish for my children is that they won’t question their self worth, be confident in themselves and their abilities, and to be kind to others.

I will never ever consider any of my children as burdens or mistakes because that is the furthest thing from the truth; they were born out of love and my love for them will unconditionally remain for eternity.  Sure I’m tired 24/7, sure I feel like I always have to be the “bad guy” because I am sole disciplinarian in our household, sure they drive my to the brink of insanity on a daily basis but that’s the life I love and I would choose motherhood over anything and everything else. 

Part of my personal promise to them and myself is to never compromise myself again with a toxic or codependent relationship and to display self worth, self confidence, ambition, and confidence. Teach them to choose their partners wisely and that they absolutely deserve to be treated with respect and to accept nothing less.

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