The blessing of co-parenting 

I’m very fortunate to have the co-parenting relationship that I have with my oldest daughter’s dad and girlfriend as well as the rest of his family. It makes my daughter’s world structured, loving, and surrounded by support. I wasn’t always so open, when we first separated I was jealous, we would argue a lot, and I was hurt…and you know what they say ” hurt people hurt people.” 

After years of repairing relationships by giving space and boundaries and focusing on loving and being there for our daughter as individuals, I can’t imagine not embracing this wonderful blessing that is our family.

Sure it may not be the regular run of the mill coparenting relationship in that it is nothing like the horror stories you hear about, it is honestly one of the most natural and cooperative relationships that has come to be. The main focal point being our daughter but the fact that we can embrace each other’s other children and family members is something that you just can’t put into words just how valuable it truly is. It is never a negative situation for a child to have more people to love them and that is the beauty about coparenting.

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