Car wash fiasco 

Aliyah for the most part is fearless but there are a few things that get to her…like for example big huge blimp like parade balloons….she is not messing with those. Anyway yesterday there was a mountain that became of a molehill.

I was needing to clean my van to pick up family from the airport this week, I had already cleaned out the trash but anyone with kids knows that there are major crumbs everywhere, like literally every surface. So we arrive at the car wash and I’m like vacuuming comes first because it was bad….anyway….plink plink plink plink…and then as I’m starting to attack the crumbs Aliyah starts coming unglued…..yep she is scared of vacuums so as she is strapped into her seat I pretend that she wasn’t terrified and finished vacuuming.

Finally the inside of the car was clean. Aliyah calmed down and not we just needed to drive through the car wash and then we could grab lunch….I quickly remember that the only thing that scares Aliyah more than the vacuum is a long, dark, wet, scary tunnel that cleans the van….in case you were wondering I’m not up for mother of the year….but we survived.

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