Labor Day weekend 

We had great fun on Friday at the Washington state fair in Puyallup; Aliyah got to ride ponies, Audrina and I went on lots of rides, We all got to see some animals, and eat some great food. We found out Audrina is allergic to the BBQ sauce on the ribs she got because everywhere the BBQ sauce was on her face turned red and itchy but when it was washed off all symptoms started to subside. 

Saturday we when to my uncles fiancé house for a family BBQ…great food and fun….Winlock is a ways out there but it is absolutely beautiful. Audrina and Morgan bonded over video games and ended up getting pretty close. Aliyah had fun playing with my uncle’s dog, Sammie, but she found out that even after the grill is not flaming that its hot and if you back into it while it’s hot you get burned. 

I ordered Aliyah a twin mattress, box spring, frame, sheet set, comforter, bed skirt, and vent deflectors on the Labor Day sale on Amazon prime…my ups, FedEx, and usps guys I’m sure aren’t fans of me because of how much and the type of things I order.

All in all A pretty good start to the holiday weekend.

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