Apparently I enjoy the crazy

So as if single mom life isn’t crazy enough with never ending laundry piles, children that insist on playing with every toy in the toy boy before putting anything away or the self refilling sinks of dirty dishes; but I also have a problem saying “no” to activities for the kids. So with Christmas behind us I have already finished shopping for and wrapping birthday presents for Aliyah (Feb 8), and am almost done with shopping for Audrina’s birthday(Mar 22) presents. I just realized while typing this I should probably think about Valentine’s Day too but our schedule of activities keeps growing. I have a 4 hour class I have to take on the 20th of this month, tattoo appointment to finish the color on the 25th, Audrina has and ortho appointment the 23rd, Audrina starts play rehearsal tomorrow for her school play “Schoolhouse Rock”, which finishes up with performances on the 2nd and 3rd of February. Volleyball practice starts the last week of January on Mondays and Wednesday(and I’m signed up to help coach), science fair is March 7th and Audrina is doing a research project on horses. Then we will have to plan her birthday party too.

So needless to say I think I have bitten off more than I can chew but I’m going to make it all happen….maybe take a break from activities for awhile after March….we will see….signing off here to tend to the Chaos Crew.

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